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Rude not to introduce yourself, right?

I am Cheryl, the owner of Flores UK. Flores UK is something I had wanted to do for a very long time but just needed a bit of Dutch courage and push from friends & family to get going. I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers, grasses and all things green. You can't move in my home without there being a vase full of flowers or gorgeous greenery on show (and don't forget the pampas, which has started to take over!). To say I am a little bit obsessed with homeware and plants is an understatement.

Here at Flores UK, we offer a range of flowers, in bouquets or by letterbox which we ship nationwide. If you are after something extra special, get in contact and bespoke arrangements can be made to suite a particular vase or just a combination of stems you love. Something unique for only you. 

Thank you for visiting my site and for all your continued support. 

I hope you love your flowers, as much as I love making your bunches. 

Much love. Chez. 

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